New Construction & Design
K Construction Inc. builds beautiful custom homes and strong relationships with the homeowner at the same time. We will be happy to meet with, you at your convenience to talk about your ideas and plans for your new home or building. We will also e-mail, call, or Skype if that fits your needs. We have many clients out of the state that are not able to meet in person. K Construction Inc. does not have just one style of building. Everyone has a different personal style, and we can accommodate it wether your taste is green construction, classic, colonial, victorian or contemporary. Once we have established what your vision and needs are we can draft and design a custom construction plan suited for your exact expectations. Also, if you are in the process of the construction of a building, and you need some friendly advice or a second opinion, we are happy to help.

Say goodbye to your dull dwelling and usher in a brand new sense of style when you request the expert remodeling services from K Construction Inc. No home remodeling job is too big or too small for us, and no other business can compare to the extensive list of services we provide. Our team will remodel kitchens and bathrooms, install cabinetry, perform custom tile work, remodel basements, install home theater systems in your living room or den, and give your home a greener approach with solar power. Whether you require a simple facelift for a single room or a full-fledged overhaul for your entire home, we will always go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with our work

There are many coastal homes in central Maine that have been standing for more than 150 years. Naturally, these old homes require renovations every now and then so they can remain structurally sound. K Construction Inc. specializes in renovating these antique homes to help them regain their former glory. We will install new roofing systems, shingles, door frames, plumbing systems, heatin